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High Availability is Awesome

High Availability is Awesome

Server crashes, hardware failures, scheduled maintenance… all of these can bring your computer network to a grinding halt. Wouldn’t it be nice if your systems could automatically recover in seconds, and bring themselves back online? How about the ability to perform hardware mainenance with ZERO downtime? Think this is all just a fantasy? Well, think again.

Microsoft’s High-Availability Servers, along with a hardware cluster, enables your network to shrug off such things as hardware failures or server crashes, automatically transferring to alternate hardware in mere seconds. You’re back up and running, often before anyone even knows there was a failure. What’s more, planned transfers can be done on the fly, with no downtime whatsoever. This enables hardware maintenance to be performed at any time, even in the middle of the workday, without impacting your users or your data.

Network Consultants, LLC. has a great deal of experience designing and maintaining such high availability systems, and we can transform your network to take advantage of this technology for a lot less than you might think.