Network Consultants was formed in 1992 by Michael Aguirre, the company’s President.  He decided to leverage his skills from the enterprise to bring a higher level of expertise to small and medium-sized businesses.  Network Consultants was originally co-located with Cadvisions, a local reseller of AutoCad software.  Early on,  Network Consultants worked closely with Cadvisions and soon developed a large following in the architectural community.   Since this time, Network Consultants has greatly diversified its client base while still retaining a large number of architectural firms in the Wichita metro.  Network Consultants services a wide variety of industries (Manufacturing, Legal firms, Medical communities, Municipalities, among others).  Today, Network Consultants level of expertise is multi-tiered and offer over 40 years of combined technical knowledge gained through professional experience and certifications.   Network Consultants has certified partnerships with Microsoft, Novell, HP, Dell, Symantec, SonicWall, Ingram Micro, Panda, Eset, and Shadow Protect.